What going on with us?

Article: Jean-Sebastien Girouard

Pictures: Mathieu Benoit, Mathieu Turcotte, Jean-Sebastien Girouard, Jeremie Heine.

Look like 2013 is thing of past. It’s been a long time since the last post so there is a little recap of 2013 and what to come in 2014.

We will begin with the bad news… Mat B is in a hard financial situation and he just can’t afford to continue the work on the Celica… Sadly, the project is on hold. The Cressida have it’s problem too, the starter just died last week. Next week it should be back on the road with some friends help ūüėČ


Since he can’t really enjoy his passion for cars on the usual way, Mat B¬†expresses¬†it by other means… He just finished this gorgeous¬†paint of a¬†Rauh Welt Porsche… it’s literally jaw dropping. By the way, this paint is for sale. Check out our facebook page to contact him.


He’ve done some crazy scale models too that I will post later on.


Let’s hope 2014 be a little bit better for him…

2013 was not a really good year for Mat T too, at the very start of the summer the engine of the MR2 was thing of the past. The cylinder 3 is dead and we need to remove the engine again. He work hard to be able to rebuild it next summer… We hope everything goes as planed!


For me well, it was a really nice summer. Meets, track events, rides I’ve done everything I wanted. Got 10 000KM more on the odo of my FR-S! But like every year, it came with badlucks. First track event of the year, a Direct injector seal busted on the track. This is a typical issue with track driven FR-S, now I’ve got a new ECU software to prevent it. I’ve broke my 2 rear axle on a drag event. I’ve dropped the clutch to hard, with glue on the track and my track tires… shit happens. No it’s still not done! I’ve lost my C/F front lip on the highway, a portion of the bumper didn’t suport the downforce of the lip… I’ve managed to get a replacement lip for free with Downforce USA at least. For now it’s in winter storage. Next summer I will change the look of the car to suit a little bit better the race inspired theme.


It’s Jim turn now! The Never Winter Hauler is running strong in this really hard winter that we’ve have this year. Cold weather don’t stop him to goes out with his Artic Cat ATV (It even have our sticker on it :P). He fabricated himself a rear bag suport and a adapter to install a tow winch. With some beer, time, metal, a welding machine and paint you can make everything! Jim is looking for a new project… We’ll see if he find what he want.


So this is it for the first post of 2014, I’ll do my best to finish up the feature that I was suposed to do before the winter ends.

See you next time !


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