Feature: Bruno 2013 Scion FR-S

Article, picture and video: Jean-Sébastien Girouard

Owner: Bruno Gervais

Sometime less is better. The right parts on the right place can really change the look of a car. Bruno made the right choices on his FR-S. I’ve met him on the Quebec FR-S club, really nice guy.


On this car, the wheels change it all. It’s a set of Works VS-XX 17″ with 18″ barrels on them. He bought them without really knowing if it was to fit right and well, it’s perfect. The suspension is lowered about 2.5″ from a set of BC Coilovers.


Exterior wise it have a C/F JDP front lip and a rear diffuser.  As you can see, it don’t need anything else.


Bruno FR-S is lightly tune, but still manage to have 218HP at the crank. The air goes into the engine via the Airaid intake system. The exhaust goes out by an Borla UEL headers that give the Subaru Rumble to the 2.0 boxer engine. The muffler is custom made by itself but it need some ajustment. At the end of the summer, he was running a muffler delete… the rubble was sooo loud!


That why I love this car. Simple and good looking. I’ll end this feature with a video we’ve done last summer with our FR-S. Enjoy and thanks for reading!


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