Feature: Marc-Andre Tercel

Article and pictures: Jean-Sebastien Girouard

Owner: Marc-Andre Bouchard

Next feature is the founder of the CrispyClean club, Marc-Andre (you can call him Marc-Edouard too). He own a really clean Toyota Tercel. Yeah, you read right. He’s a perfectionist and he put shitloads of time on a car that everyone would “meh”. When it’s done properly, we love that.

Let’s start up with the exterior, he repainted the whole car by itself in a really crappy barn… and after a rough session of wet sanding it look perfect! With the WingWest lips kit that really look OEM, it look more sporty without being overkill. The wheels are Konig WideOpen 15×8, suit the sporty theme as well. Other than the black housing headlamp and taillamps from an later Tercel, the Olympus fog light and the custom made front grill everything is stock…


… except under the hood. He swaped the engine for a 1.3 Turbo engine from a Toyota Glanza. It’s front mount intercooled and the swap is really well done! The engine bay have been shaved so it look super clean. The 4E-FTE dump it’s gas in a SpeedVision downpipe with a custom made 2 1/2″ exhaust system coupled with a Magnaflow muffler. All the boost is left into the atmosphere by an old school Blitz Super Sound Blow-Off valve. Now this little thing got to brake, it got Paseo front brake conversion and a JDM Starlet conversion for the rear. Handling is done with a set Meister R Coilover and helped out by an Anti-Lift Kit/Caster kit by Whiteline.


Marc-Andre transform a car that would be a beater for most of us, in a agile and sporty little 2 doors coupe. Keep it this way!

Thanks for reading and stay tune, more feature are on the way!


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