Feature: Jessy 2000 Golf GTi

Article and pictures: Jean-Sebastien Girouard

Owner: Jessy Demers

Long time no see? Well, I was busy with the QuebecFR-S events and website so that why you don’t see a lot of post here. I’ll try to do my best and cover up all the feature cars that I’ve spotted this summer.

Jessy is one of my long time friend, we’ve made our mecanical classes together cupple years ago. He got this little Golf GTi because it was cheap and relatively clean… but it was damn slow.

It’s an GTi with the 2.0l engine. After he done a refresh job on the body with an 20th Anniversary lip kit install, he swap out the 2.0L to a 1.8L turbo engine… But with some goodies! Like an Audi TT Intake, Magnaflow Catback, Forge diverter valve and a cat-delete 3″ downpipe. He just finished an all custom made front intercooler & piping setup with a carbon cold air intake system. All TIG welded by himself.


With all these new power up a new brake/suspension setup was needed. He find out a 20th Anniversary brake kit and a TA Technix coilovers set. The wheels are OEM but came from a VR6 GTi, they are called “Arietta”. They fit the theme of the car just right, since every modification on this car look so OEM.


Check how the intercooler fit so right… Jessy took forever to get this fitment since it’s is WAY bigger than what you see.

After all this work, shit can happen any time… Cupple months ago, Jessy change it’s turbo to freshly rebuild and a little bit bigger one. Power was great, it’s was near 270 Crank HP but… He was on the road back to home when he noticed a really strange noise… He slapped the gaz, no more boost. Fuck. He got home, with no damage other than the turbo at least. It look like that it was not balanced correcly…

For now, he put back the OEM turbo and stored the car for this year since, like every car guy, he’s broke. This winter Jessy will have a big project coming; Transmission swap for a 6 speed and a Peloquin LSD. Can’t wait to see that!

This is it for the Yellow Bomb, hope you enjoyed it !


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