Feature: Bruno 2013 Scion FR-S

Article, picture and video: Jean-Sébastien Girouard

Owner: Bruno Gervais

Sometime less is better. The right parts on the right place can really change the look of a car. Bruno made the right choices on his FR-S. I’ve met him on the Quebec FR-S club, really nice guy.


On this car, the wheels change it all. It’s a set of Works VS-XX 17″ with 18″ barrels on them. He bought them without really knowing if it was to fit right and well, it’s perfect. The suspension is lowered about 2.5″ from a set of BC Coilovers.


Exterior wise it have a C/F JDP front lip and a rear diffuser.  As you can see, it don’t need anything else.


Bruno FR-S is lightly tune, but still manage to have 218HP at the crank. The air goes into the engine via the Airaid intake system. The exhaust goes out by an Borla UEL headers that give the Subaru Rumble to the 2.0 boxer engine. The muffler is custom made by itself but it need some ajustment. At the end of the summer, he was running a muffler delete… the rubble was sooo loud!


That why I love this car. Simple and good looking. I’ll end this feature with a video we’ve done last summer with our FR-S. Enjoy and thanks for reading!


What going on with us?

Article: Jean-Sebastien Girouard

Pictures: Mathieu Benoit, Mathieu Turcotte, Jean-Sebastien Girouard, Jeremie Heine.

Look like 2013 is thing of past. It’s been a long time since the last post so there is a little recap of 2013 and what to come in 2014.

We will begin with the bad news… Mat B is in a hard financial situation and he just can’t afford to continue the work on the Celica… Sadly, the project is on hold. The Cressida have it’s problem too, the starter just died last week. Next week it should be back on the road with some friends help 😉


Since he can’t really enjoy his passion for cars on the usual way, Mat B expresses it by other means… He just finished this gorgeous paint of a Rauh Welt Porsche… it’s literally jaw dropping. By the way, this paint is for sale. Check out our facebook page to contact him.


He’ve done some crazy scale models too that I will post later on.


Let’s hope 2014 be a little bit better for him…

2013 was not a really good year for Mat T too, at the very start of the summer the engine of the MR2 was thing of the past. The cylinder 3 is dead and we need to remove the engine again. He work hard to be able to rebuild it next summer… We hope everything goes as planed!


For me well, it was a really nice summer. Meets, track events, rides I’ve done everything I wanted. Got 10 000KM more on the odo of my FR-S! But like every year, it came with badlucks. First track event of the year, a Direct injector seal busted on the track. This is a typical issue with track driven FR-S, now I’ve got a new ECU software to prevent it. I’ve broke my 2 rear axle on a drag event. I’ve dropped the clutch to hard, with glue on the track and my track tires… shit happens. No it’s still not done! I’ve lost my C/F front lip on the highway, a portion of the bumper didn’t suport the downforce of the lip… I’ve managed to get a replacement lip for free with Downforce USA at least. For now it’s in winter storage. Next summer I will change the look of the car to suit a little bit better the race inspired theme.


It’s Jim turn now! The Never Winter Hauler is running strong in this really hard winter that we’ve have this year. Cold weather don’t stop him to goes out with his Artic Cat ATV (It even have our sticker on it :P). He fabricated himself a rear bag suport and a adapter to install a tow winch. With some beer, time, metal, a welding machine and paint you can make everything! Jim is looking for a new project… We’ll see if he find what he want.


So this is it for the first post of 2014, I’ll do my best to finish up the feature that I was suposed to do before the winter ends.

See you next time !

Feature: Marc-Andre Tercel

Article and pictures: Jean-Sebastien Girouard

Owner: Marc-Andre Bouchard

Next feature is the founder of the CrispyClean club, Marc-Andre (you can call him Marc-Edouard too). He own a really clean Toyota Tercel. Yeah, you read right. He’s a perfectionist and he put shitloads of time on a car that everyone would “meh”. When it’s done properly, we love that.

Let’s start up with the exterior, he repainted the whole car by itself in a really crappy barn… and after a rough session of wet sanding it look perfect! With the WingWest lips kit that really look OEM, it look more sporty without being overkill. The wheels are Konig WideOpen 15×8, suit the sporty theme as well. Other than the black housing headlamp and taillamps from an later Tercel, the Olympus fog light and the custom made front grill everything is stock…


… except under the hood. He swaped the engine for a 1.3 Turbo engine from a Toyota Glanza. It’s front mount intercooled and the swap is really well done! The engine bay have been shaved so it look super clean. The 4E-FTE dump it’s gas in a SpeedVision downpipe with a custom made 2 1/2″ exhaust system coupled with a Magnaflow muffler. All the boost is left into the atmosphere by an old school Blitz Super Sound Blow-Off valve. Now this little thing got to brake, it got Paseo front brake conversion and a JDM Starlet conversion for the rear. Handling is done with a set Meister R Coilover and helped out by an Anti-Lift Kit/Caster kit by Whiteline.


Marc-Andre transform a car that would be a beater for most of us, in a agile and sporty little 2 doors coupe. Keep it this way!

Thanks for reading and stay tune, more feature are on the way!

Feature: Jessy 2000 Golf GTi

Article and pictures: Jean-Sebastien Girouard

Owner: Jessy Demers

Long time no see? Well, I was busy with the QuebecFR-S events and website so that why you don’t see a lot of post here. I’ll try to do my best and cover up all the feature cars that I’ve spotted this summer.

Jessy is one of my long time friend, we’ve made our mecanical classes together cupple years ago. He got this little Golf GTi because it was cheap and relatively clean… but it was damn slow.

It’s an GTi with the 2.0l engine. After he done a refresh job on the body with an 20th Anniversary lip kit install, he swap out the 2.0L to a 1.8L turbo engine… But with some goodies! Like an Audi TT Intake, Magnaflow Catback, Forge diverter valve and a cat-delete 3″ downpipe. He just finished an all custom made front intercooler & piping setup with a carbon cold air intake system. All TIG welded by himself.


With all these new power up a new brake/suspension setup was needed. He find out a 20th Anniversary brake kit and a TA Technix coilovers set. The wheels are OEM but came from a VR6 GTi, they are called “Arietta”. They fit the theme of the car just right, since every modification on this car look so OEM.


Check how the intercooler fit so right… Jessy took forever to get this fitment since it’s is WAY bigger than what you see.

After all this work, shit can happen any time… Cupple months ago, Jessy change it’s turbo to freshly rebuild and a little bit bigger one. Power was great, it’s was near 270 Crank HP but… He was on the road back to home when he noticed a really strange noise… He slapped the gaz, no more boost. Fuck. He got home, with no damage other than the turbo at least. It look like that it was not balanced correcly…

For now, he put back the OEM turbo and stored the car for this year since, like every car guy, he’s broke. This winter Jessy will have a big project coming; Transmission swap for a 6 speed and a Peloquin LSD. Can’t wait to see that!

This is it for the Yellow Bomb, hope you enjoyed it !

LowLevel Stance Congress

Article and pictures: Jean-Sebastien Girouard

Organized by LowLevel, the Stance Congress was an other successful meet in our little town. The FR-S and the Tacoma was there with friends & CrispyClean.


The Stance Patrol was there, looking more agressive with the big push bumper. People reaction from this car was so funny !


We don’t post alot of german here, but this is my friend Jessy MK4 Golf. A day before the meet, we installed a set of coilover: His car look so clean and OEM before that everyone taught that it was stock.


But power is far from OEM… with it’s new turbo, a custom piping/front mount intercooler and a reprogram ECU it’s close to 270HP to the crank. I’ll made a feature of this car soon!


From CrispyClean, Marc-Edouard Tercel is super clean and everything fit right.


Plus it got some poney under the hood, with this 1.3 Turbo engine from a Toyota Starlet. Really clean setup.


Again from CrispyClean, Loic Accord is 90’s style. Hood Bra, old school Enkei wheels, paint faded. Put your best mixtape with your fingerless glove and you’ll be ready for the ride.


Laurent super clean AE86 Corolla SR5 was there too. He let me drive it! I feel so new… it’s really a weird feeling in a 20+ years car!


Work VS-XX + FR-S = Jizz. Bruno FR-S is damn sexy. Soon it will not only look good, I’ll be a little bit faster too…


OMG This FR-S is so damn sexy like the best of the world. Haha 😛


Wtf is this… ?


Haha, it’s F-X Nissan Cube. Really put a WTF in your face the first time you see it.


We all look so tiny compared to this. High and clean Jim Tacoma!


Racetrack looking FD3S Mazda RX-7.


Rotary love.


An other one with the earlyer style bumper. Just for you Mat B!






Mmm, it must be from Project One. The 180sx got it’s big turbine installed. Tuning need to be done and numbers will be out. J-F want 400WHP… in this little 180sx it will be a bit scary.


J-P S2K was there too, caged and hardtop ready for track action.


This EVO9 look like it’s track prepared. Check the tire width!!


I have a sweetspot for 2nd Gen Scion tC. Gray primer OEM color is weird but still looking good!


Fuck. First word that came when I’ve see this Lexus IS.



An other toaster on wheels, a little Scion xB with JDM bB badges ! These little things just make you smile.


4 doors EF Civic on 8spokes wheels, period correct combo!


Bring some mud.


OH It’s A 2JZ !


A big 2 door sports car, a Toyota Soarer.




The Golf of Maxime, one of the founder of LowLevel. Bagged and new wheels are on.


Good bye TSX! Cimon is in process of selling it. On Work VS-XX for the meet, fit nicely!


S2K Love.


Alex TL is now bagged. Everything is fine officer!


Dave Civic, one of the founder too. All these guys have spend shitloads of time to organise this great meeting!


First time I’ve seen this little Miata in person. Clean one.




Sileighty aka Silvia front end on a 180sx. Don’t know why we don’t see more of them It really look good!


Hardparking beemer.


Ohhh that just felt into my taste. A really well done Lexus IS300 badged as a Toyota Altezza.


Clean Kouki S14 ! It’s rare to see them that clean.


This one is for my girlfriend who break it’s neck whe she see a Fairlaidy.


Sup bro! Really nice FR-S !


Like father and son.


At the end of the meet, David and me made a “patrol” in the Charger with the Wig-Wags on. Was sooo funny to see the reaction!


So hope you liked the pictures, I’ve scrapped many of them due to bad setting from me -_-‘ but anyway… Don’t forget to tag us if you use these pictures 😉 Thanks again from LowLevel for this great event. Thanks for watching!


Article and video: Jean-Sebastien Girouard

Like you know the MR2 of Mat T is still stalled due to an engine internal problem… We’ve made a video of it, even if it’s stalled and run like shit. We all miss the MR2 and we really hope that it will be alive soon…

Feature: Laurent 1987 Toyota Corolla SR5

Articles & Pictures: Jean-Sebastien Girouard

Owner: Laurent Montpetit

Hi everyone! August begin with something new… We’ll feature some cool cars that we find in cars meet or simply friends. All the cars that will be featured on this page will have the right to wear the Never Winter spike!

Last week I’ve gone to the High Society weekly meeting and when I’ve spotted the pop up light, the boxy shape… No way! Yes it is, just like my first car, an 1987 Toyota Corolla SR5 Coupe. I’ve already seen Laurent before but without his AE86. You have no idea how this Corolla is immaculate… Yes, it’s automatic with the slow 4AC but we really don’t care. A clean and solid AE86 body is near impossible to find.


It rock the classic set of wheels for an AE86; Celica Supra. They are all restaured like new! The yellow OEM Toyota fog is a nice ad-on too. I really love the SR5 black unpainted bumpers awww I miss my old coupe…


The interior is damn clean too… The Nardi steering wheel and the old set of Recaro seats (Sorry no pics 😦 ) just fit perfectly.


Laurant told me his plan for this “kouki” coupe. The 4AC got to go out… A freshly rebuild 4A-GE 16valves Bluetop engine will replace it. He will steal the manual transmission and all he need for the swap in it’s Corolla GT-S parts donor. A little drop and new shocks will do it for the suspension. And it’s really what you need to have fun in a AE86. Winding road, the 4A-GE at 8000rpm, Initial D soundtrack… AE86 heaven! We’ll try to make a photoshot with the FR-S this summer.

Hope you liked it like I did!